A two-artist show featuring works by Darius Airo and Curt LeMieux
@ Chelsea Walls
231 Tenth Ave.
New York, NY, 10011
Darius Airo’s Kitchen Table series venerates a ubiquitous and ever present beacon of domesticity. Kitchen tables, found in homes and art work for millennia, can be understood serving more or less the same function wherever they are present. A meeting place for loved ones, the pedestal on which meals at home are presented, an island for a hodgepodge of intimate debris from pockets or runs to the store. Airo’s kitchen table series speedily and intrinsically describes the corners of tables sashed with house plants, wine glasses and cigarettes.

Curt LeMieux: HEROES, A group of minimal, puerile renditions of classic LP album cover art. The works speak to LeMieux’s adolescent obsession with Rock & Roll imagery and his own blossoming teenage sexuality as he came of age on the outskirts of the rust belt in the late 70’s. The album covers are sourced from diverse music genres. LeMieux’s subjects include artists ranging from Dusty Springfield and Frank Sinatra to Black Sabbath and Patti Smith.