The Entertainer: Info

Jim Mooijekind 

"The Entertainer"

Saturday March 16th, 5-9PM


@ Face Guts


Jim is painted on the surface of the paintings. these images exist locked in between the rib cage and belly of the artist.

Jim’s recent works are monuments to the soul. Statues dedicated to the human condition, icons to sadness love and humor.

Byopic paintings that flay the artists experience for the viewer, a stern welcome to recognize the parallels in our spirits. The spaces Jim’s paintings occupy are bodily. While reflective of the huge electric sky, unlimited meadows, the work is situated inside the spirit of the artist. still life’s placed carefully at the center of human experience.

These paintings are tragically hilarious, lush and cared for while abject and frank.

These paintings as images are confidently situated into philosophy, humanizing and stripping the pretentiousness from the ideas that shape human experience and have an airwave in the soul. The circus of the day to day is placed on a brightly saturated pedestal to tell jokes with the viewer, cry, dance and hold tightly.